Visas & Vaccines


All Clean Cooking Forum 2015 participants arriving from foreign countries are responsible for obtaining their own official documents (passport & visa) needed to enter Ghana as described on the Ghana Immigration Service website – please allow for plenty of time to process and receive the necessary documents.  There are 35 Ghanian Embassies and Consulates.  A list can be found here.

The Ghana visa application process varies depending on country of origin. For those attendees that require a letter of invitation from the conference, please email with your request and the following information items in the body of your email:

  1. Full Name
  2. Country of Citizenship
  3. Country of Residence (if different)
  4. Institution/Company that they are representing
  5. Email, phone number, and street mailing address


Emergency Visa Information for Last Minute Travelers

Citizens from these countries – USA, Western Europe, China, India – can get visas on arrival at the Airport. Any of the conditions below apply for Visa on arrival regardless of country:

  • ​That the distance between their place of abode and the Ghana Consular office should be such that the impromptu nature of your journey could not make it possible for them to travel to the office for a visa, OR
  • That the applicant (s) is proceeding to Ghana at a short notice for business transactions (Conference or meetings qualify), OR
  • That the applicant is a guest of the Government or a member of a delegation which is coming to Ghana at the instance of the Government at short notice, OR
  •  That the entry permit of an applicant who is a person resident in Ghana has expired while the applicant was outside Ghana.

Visa on arrival at port of entry eg. Kotoka International Airport, is $150.

If a Forum attendee needs the Visa PRIOR to landing in Ghana, the Alliance’s Ghanaian team can help facilitate. This service will cost US$200 due to the costs incurred for local staff to do last minute processing.  In order for a partner to take this option, they must pay the Alliance the $200 via PayPal by making payment to  Partners MUST pay the $200 in advance as the Alliance cannot cover these costs. Once payment is made, the partner must send to the Alliance at

  • All the visa application information found in numbers 1-5 above, AND
  • A copy of their passport

We will then connect the partner to the Alliance team in Accra to facilitate getting the Emergency Visa.  This can take up to a week to process.

All requests of this nature must be made during the week of October 19-23.


Documentation of yellow fever vaccination is required for those over nine months of age upon arrival from all countries with risk of yellow fever.