Working Session: Finalizing Adoption Indicators

This working session is intended for key stakeholders to collaboratively finalize the list of recommended adoption indicators drafted at the Adoption Workshop in Peru earlier this year. This working session is preceded by a workshop report, a public webinar on the adoption indicators list and a public comment period. The next steps are to review the progress made to date, provide feedback on selected core indicators and review a working definition for adoption.

Email Liz Tully at to request updated list of adoption indicators to review in advance.


Session agenda:

  • Background on defining and measuring adoption:
    • Why it matters
    • The challenges
  • Progress on defining adoption and indicators:
    • Peru Adoption Workshop objectives
    • Peru Adoption Workshop key themes for characterizing adoption
    • Meeting on indicators for household energy use, health and gender:
      • Objectives & sustained adoption draft indicators
    • Review current list of terminology and indicators
  • What’s next:
    • Define adoption: review definition options
    • Measure adoption: review Alliance’s proposed core indicators
    • Facilitated discussion to collect feedback (60 min)


Location: Affram Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Time: 7:00 am - 8:30 am