Successful Approaches for Integrating Gender Throughout the Value Chain

This session will present case studies of successful women at all levels of the value chain in order to leverage women’s ability to impact adoption. Participants will learn how to apply universal best-practices from the Alliance’s Resource Guide, and will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the type of tools that would be most useful for practitioners who are trying to apply a gender lens over their business models.


Sheila Oparaocha, International Coordinator and Programme Manager, ENERGIA
Jessica Alderman, Director of Communications, Envirofit
Benson Keya, Communications Manager, JATONET Kenya
Emmanuel Ngeywo, Senior Project Officer, Practical Action
Alison Abbott, Communications Director, World LPG Association



Alison Abbott – Women in LPG Global Network: Changing the Face of the LPG Industry

Jessica Alderman – Empowering Women in the Cookstoves Value Chain

Corinne Hart – Integrating Gender Throughout the Value Chain

Emmanuel Ngeywo – Best Practices in Mainstreaming Gender in Energy Value Chains, Practical Action


Breakout Session
Location: Opera Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am