Scaling Sustainable Production of Clean Fuels

How do we scale up access to fuels, incorporating sustainability and gender considerations across the value chain, while also creating synergies with the appropriate technologies? “Sustainable” scale up means strengthening each part of the fuel value chain – production, distribution, retail, and use – but also thinking about the most appropriate technology to maximize its performance and benefits. A panel discussion will draw out key themes such as “In promoting demand-led, market-based energy solutions, how do we compete with existing energy infrastructures?” and “What is the role of government as partner, promoter or supporter of clean and sustainable cooking fuel enterprises?”


Ashley Pettus, Director, Global HearthWorks Foundation


Margaret Matinga, Consultant, Energia/WLPGA
Bert van Nieuwenhuizen, Chief Technical Advisor, Africa Biogas Partnership Programme, SNV
Anne Nyambane, Research Associate, Stockholm Environment Institute
Mattias Ohlson, Emerging Cooking Solutions



Margaret Matinga – LPG and Gender / ENERGIA
Bert van Nieuwenhuizen – ABPP
Anne Nyambane – Bioethanol as a potential substitute for charcoal
Mattias Ohlson – ECS

Breakout Session
Location: Abban Date: Friday, November 13, 2015 Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm