ISO Standards and WHO guidelines: What are the latest developments and what do they mean for me?

Targeted for a non-technical audience, this session will provide updates on the latest recommendations and standards from the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  In particular, the discussion will cover key areas of agreement under the consensus standards process, and how it was driven under a participatory, multistakeholder, and expert-driven process. The panel will also discuss how the different areas of standards development in ISO and WHO have been linked, and how the standards were developed to facilitate international cooperation and flexibility for national priorities. Attendees will learn how the standards progress will impact the cookstoves and fuels sector as well as individual organizations.


Sally Seitz, Senior Program Manager of Standards Facilitation, American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Basudev Upadhyay, Project Coordinator, Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CTR/N)
Verena Brinkmann, Senior Energy Advisor, GIZ
Seema Patel, Senior Associate for Fuels, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
Zacharia Lukorito, Principal Standards Officer, Kenya Bureau of Standards/American National Standards Institute
Jim Jetter, Senior Research Engineer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Nigel Bruce, Emeritis Professor of Public Health, University of Liverpool



Sally Seitz / Zacharia Lukorito – Overview of ISO Standards Development Procedures

Ryan Gist – TC 285 Working Group 1 “Conceptual Framework”

Jim Jetter – TC 285 Working Group 2, Laboratory Testing

Basudev Upadhyay – ISO NP 19869 – Guidance of field testing methods for cookstoves

Verena Brinkmann – ISO TC 285 WG 4 Guidelines for Social Impact Assessment

Seema Patel – ISO TC 285 Fuels Task Group

Nigel Bruce – WHO Guidelines and ISO Standards

Breakout Session
Location: Asante Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm