Influencing Policy to Accelerate Market Growth

Government policies can play a critical role in unlocking market potential in the cookstoves and fuels sector, yet it can be challenging for small businesses and civil society to find leverage points to influence these policies. Panel members will discuss their experiences bringing evidence and community action to bear on the policy agenda. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of what they can do individually and collectively to influence policy.


Leslie Cordes, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves


Nii Darko Asante, Energy Commission, Ghana
Wikus Kruger, Research Officer, University of Cape Town
Patricia Morris, President, Women Thrive Worldwide
Lucy Stevens, Senior Policy Adviser, Practical Action
Hugo Teni, Energy Project Analyst, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Guatemala
Michael Tsan, Partner, Dalberg Global Development Advisors
Kenta Usui, Energy Specialist, Energy & Extractives, World Bank



Policy, Policy, Policy: Understanding the barriers to the uptake of ICS – ERC (PDF)

Influencing Policy – Practical Action (PDF)

Health, wealth, and growth: Why lowering cookstove trade barriers makes sense – World Bank | ACCES (PDF)

Reflections on Ghana’s Experience “Navigating an obstacle course” – Energy Commission | Ghana (PDF)

Involvement of the different sectors in creating Public Policies for the adoption of Improved Cookstoves and Clean Fuels in Guatemala – Hugo Teni (PDF)



Breakout Session
Location: Opera Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm