Applying Market Systems Approaches in the Clean Cooking Sector

A sustainable, thriving market for clean cookstoves and fuels requires effective performance from market actors in the private and public sectors. Market systems approaches seek to address the causes of poor performance and stimulate changes in the rules, relationships, barriers and incentives that affect how public and private actors behave. Panelists will discuss their experiences […]

What Drives Sustained Adoption of Clean Cooking?

Understanding what drives adoption of clean cooking technologies is an ongoing area of research. This session provides evidence from research on ways to ensure sustained adoption of clean cooking. Lessons from Peru, India, Guatemala, Ghana, and Rwanda will be given. Speakers: Dana Charron, Managing Director, Berkeley Air Monitoring Group Christina Barstow, Senior Program Manager, DelAgua […]

Improve Your Triple Bottom Line: Business, Environmental, and Social Impacts

Enterprises have conducted internal evaluations and/or applied for certification on social and environmental impacts and their businesses.  These enterprises will share their experiences, tools they have used, challenges they have encountered and the value of these types of evaluations and certifications. These evaluations and certifications have helped enterprises strengthen their business to meet the triple […]

Translating Knowledge on Behavior into Effective Interventions

The acquisition and use of clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels is influenced by multiple behavioral factors, from individual psychology to intra-household relationships and socio-cultural considerations. This session will showcase approaches to generating knowledge about end user behavior and how these insights can be used to design more effective interventions. Presenters will share lessons learned […]

Expanding Access to Consumer Finance—Innovations in Asset Finance

Improving access to consumer finance will be key to scaling up adoption of clean cooking solutions. There are many different consumer finance products and delivery models to choose from, but which ones work best for the sector? This session will describe the Alliance’s research in this area, and share results from several consumer finance programs […]

Lessons, Experiences, and Opportunities Shaping Cookstove and Fuel Markets in Latin America

Latin Americas have been designing, manufacturing, and distributing improved cookstoves since the 1980s and have acquired vast experience. Sector experts and leaders across the region from Mexico to Bolivia will discuss past achievements and future activity in research, stove distribution, and investment opportunities. This session will provide an overview of regional activities for investors, public […]

Marketing at Base of the Pyramid

Marketing products to consumers at the base of the pyramid presents long-standing challenges, as well as new opportunities. Representatives from several Ghanaian consumer goods companies will be on hand to share how they are approaching these barriers and opportunities in their own work, as well as to offer replicable approaches that participants may want to […]

Developments in Results Based Financing

Results-based finance can be used by the clean cooking sector to kickstart new markets, as well as help reach the poorest of the poor. This session will look at various new initiatives that are aimed at increasing access to results-based financing in the cookstoves and fuels sector. The panel will discuss access to pre-finance to […]

Introducing the Alliance’s Latest Gender Tools

This interactive session will introduce the Empowered Entrepreneur Training Handbook, a comprehensive training curriculum for entrepreneurs designed to increase business skills, agency-based empowerment, and leadership capacity. Speakers will help guide participants to strengthen their enterprises and scale adoption, and introduce a new set of M&E tools and methodologies for measuring socio-economic impacts of clean cooking […]