Youth as Agents of Change

Youth can be powerful change agents within their households and communities. Raising their awareness and understanding about the benefits and availability of clean cooking solutions can empower them to promote and encourage the use of clean and efficient stoves and fuels in their own households, as well as influence their long-term cooking practices. Join this […]

Counting up to 100 Million and Beyond: Defining and Measuring Adoption

This panel will provide an overview of how different organizations and research groups are defining and measuring adoption of clean cooking solutions. Topics will range from defining access to clean cooking, to assessing stove stacking in a household, to evaluating impacts via market measurement, and other tools. Participants will get insight into the various factors […]

Scaling Sustainable Production of Clean Fuels

How do we scale up access to fuels, incorporating sustainability and gender considerations across the value chain, while also creating synergies with the appropriate technologies? “Sustainable” scale up means strengthening each part of the fuel value chain – production, distribution, retail, and use – but also thinking about the most appropriate technology to maximize its […]

Clean Cooking and Climate: Insights from EPA

This session includes key findings and highlights from EPA-funded studies on clean cooking, climate, air pollution and health. Panelists will give an overview of their studies and present preliminary results including the health and environmental implications. Target audience includes researchers and cookstove program implementers interested in gaining a better understanding of the potential health and […]

Stove Research and Design: Focus on Design

New and innovative cookstove designs can improve performance, usability, and affordability for consumers at the base of the pyramid. In this session, speakers will highlight examples drawn from a range of cookstove types and fuel sources, including locally-produced cookstoves and fuels. Non-technical audiences may also wish to join this session to learn more about developments […]

Women’s Entrepreneurship & Economic Empowerment

While women are disproportionately impacted by the health and economic impacts of traditional cooking, they can play a crucial role in the widespread adoption and use of clean household cooking solutions. Partners will showcase approaches that are focused on scaling adoption and increasing health and economic impacts by working with female entrepreneurs along the value […]

Standards and Labeling – Country Strategies

In order to serve as effective mechanisms for shifting the cookstove market to better technologies, standards cannot just be documents that sit on a shelf but must be implemented through policies and/or labeling programs. Panelists in this session will offer lessons on how they evaluated both markets and consumers to identify the most suitable standards […]