Household Air Pollution Intervention Tool (HAPIT) Tutorial

In this informal session, participants will receive a demonstration of the Household Air Pollution Intervention Tool (HAPIT) for comparing the potential health impacts of various cooking technologies and fuels. Ajay Pillarisetti, HAPIT’s lead developer, will guide this interactive session on how to use the HAPIT tool and will share updates that are being incorporated into […]

What Drives Sustained Adoption of Clean Cooking?

Understanding what drives adoption of clean cooking technologies is an ongoing area of research. This session provides evidence from research on ways to ensure sustained adoption of clean cooking. Lessons from Peru, India, Guatemala, Ghana, and Rwanda will be given. Speakers: Dana Charron, Managing Director, Berkeley Air Monitoring Group Christina Barstow, Senior Program Manager, DelAgua […]

Lessons, Experiences, and Opportunities Shaping Cookstove and Fuel Markets in Latin America

Latin Americas have been designing, manufacturing, and distributing improved cookstoves since the 1980s and have acquired vast experience. Sector experts and leaders across the region from Mexico to Bolivia will discuss past achievements and future activity in research, stove distribution, and investment opportunities. This session will provide an overview of regional activities for investors, public […]

Generating and Applying Consumer Insights for Behavior Change

Incorporating the consumer perspective is critical to realizing success in the cookstoves and fuel sector – the benefits of cleaner cooking solutions will not be realized unless products meet consumers’ needs and are perceived as a worthwhile investment that will add value to their lives. Applying consumer insights to decision making around design and marketing […]

Evaluating the Child Health Benefits of Clean Cooking

The children’s health impacts of exposure to household air pollution (HAP) are immense and in response the Alliance has funded several randomized controlled trials to evaluate the impacts on child survival from switching to clean cooking fuels. Researchers on this panel will discuss the impacts of HAP on children’s health and provide a preview of […]