Counting up to 100 Million and Beyond: Defining and Measuring Adoption

This panel will provide an overview of how different organizations and research groups are defining and measuring adoption of clean cooking solutions. Topics will range from defining access to clean cooking, to assessing stove stacking in a household, to evaluating impacts via market measurement, and other tools. Participants will get insight into the various factors […]

Standards and Labeling – Country Strategies

In order to serve as effective mechanisms for shifting the cookstove market to better technologies, standards cannot just be documents that sit on a shelf but must be implemented through policies and/or labeling programs. Panelists in this session will offer lessons on how they evaluated both markets and consumers to identify the most suitable standards […]

Developments in Results Based Financing

Results-based finance can be used by the clean cooking sector to kickstart new markets, as well as help reach the poorest of the poor. This session will look at various new initiatives that are aimed at increasing access to results-based financing in the cookstoves and fuels sector. The panel will discuss access to pre-finance to […]

Reaching the Last Mile: Scaling Distribution of Stoves and Fuels

Reaching the last mile is a key challenge for scaling up supply of cookstoves and fuels, particularly in rural settings. This session will look at a variety of distribution models used by Alliance partners and include a discussion of success stories, challenges, and lessons learned, which cookstove and fuel implementers can then apply to their […]

Tricks of the Trade: Tools for Tracking and Monitoring Stove and Fuel Use

This panel is an interactive session to demo and showcase the best practices and latest tools for tracking and monitoring stove use meant for a non-technical audience. Presenters will demonstrate each tool’s ability, cost, ease of use, etc., so that practitioners gain an understanding of the various options available for monitoring stove use. Participants will […]

Scaling Innovation: Lessons Learned from Innovation Grant Programs

The Alliance’s Pilot Innovation Fund (PIF) provides grants of up to $150K to finance game changing technology and business model innovations. One of the key objectives of PIF is to share lessons regarding the successes and challenges in implementing these projects with the broader sector. Panelists during this session will exchange their insights from the […]