Translating Knowledge on Behavior into Effective Interventions

The acquisition and use of clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels is influenced by multiple behavioral factors, from individual psychology to intra-household relationships and socio-cultural considerations. This session will showcase approaches to generating knowledge about end user behavior and how these insights can be used to design more effective interventions. Presenters will share lessons learned […]

Marketing at Base of the Pyramid

Marketing products to consumers at the base of the pyramid presents long-standing challenges, as well as new opportunities. Representatives from several Ghanaian consumer goods companies will be on hand to share how they are approaching these barriers and opportunities in their own work, as well as to offer replicable approaches that participants may want to […]

Consumer Awareness of Cookstove Technology and Fuel Performance

This session will provide examples of programs from the cookstoves, fuels, and other sectors that are piloting ways to increase consumer understanding of different technology and fuel options, including their performance.  These examples provide lessons learned about how to evaluate users’ understanding of labels, implement policies, raise consumer awareness about technology options. The goal of […]

ISO Standards and WHO guidelines: What are the latest developments and what do they mean for me?

Targeted for a non-technical audience, this session will provide updates on the latest recommendations and standards from the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  In particular, the discussion will cover key areas of agreement under the consensus standards process, and how it was driven under a participatory, multistakeholder, and expert-driven process. […]

Supply Chain Approaches to Scaling up Cookstove Production

Manufacturers across the world are using innovative methods to scale production across the supply chain. This session will explore models for scaling up production of clean cookstoves and fuels, with a focus on several supply chain partnerships that are delivering scale. Audience members will have an opportunity to learn more about the challenges and lessons […]