Sharing Experiences from National Alliances for National Alliances

Involved in a local alliance for cookstoves and fuels in your country or region? Want to hear from others about their experiences and challenges? Join representatives from the Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, the Clean Cooking Association of Kenya, the Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking, and the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves during this […]

Scaling Sustainable Production of Clean Fuels

How do we scale up access to fuels, incorporating sustainability and gender considerations across the value chain, while also creating synergies with the appropriate technologies? “Sustainable” scale up means strengthening each part of the fuel value chain – production, distribution, retail, and use – but also thinking about the most appropriate technology to maximize its […]

Applying Market Systems Approaches in the Clean Cooking Sector

A sustainable, thriving market for clean cookstoves and fuels requires effective performance from market actors in the private and public sectors. Market systems approaches seek to address the causes of poor performance and stimulate changes in the rules, relationships, barriers and incentives that affect how public and private actors behave. Panelists will discuss their experiences […]

No Boundaries: Household to Ambient Pollution

Smoke from the use of solid fuels for cooking is a major contributor to ambient air pollution in many parts of the world. This session highlights how reducing household air pollution (HAP) can improve ambient air quality. Examples from Asia will be presented. Speakers: Cao Junji, Director of Institute and Earth Environment, China Academy of […]

Climate and Health Co-Benefits of Clean Cooking

The health and climate co-benefits of clean cooking are an important field of study in cookstove research. This session highlights how evidence on the health and climate impacts of short-lived climate pollutants is being used to inform new black carbon standards and create a global advocacy plan. Target audience includes researchers, donors, investors, and cookstove […]

New Developments In Lab and Field Testing

Laboratory and field testing is necessary to evaluate, communicate, and improve performance and quality of cookstoves and fuels, and thus improve adoptions. The latest stove and fuel testing methods and results will be presented along with a discussion of how laboratory testing compares across different organizations, methods, stove types, fuel types, and geographies. This discussion […]

Learning from Behavior Change Interventions in Other Sectors

Achieving substantial health, social, and economic benefits through clean cooking requires behavior change on a large scale. The clean cooking sector is not alone in tackling behavior change challenges and can benefit from lessons learned in other sectors. Panelists will present examples of behavior change interventions in the WASH, HIV/AIDs, and solar lighting sectors in […]